Artificial Intelligence "A.I."

Discover how A.I. can help business growth

Discover how machine can work for humans, allowing them to focus on what is the most important.


TensorFlow is wellknown A.I. framework developer by Google. Open source, it allows to create anything about A.I. from sratch. We used it to create a facial recognition application for a client in online shopping.

IBM Watson

Watson from IBM became popular by winning every participant at the TV game Jeopardy. But this framework can have many positive business applications.


Refinitiv is a company which focuses on providing as many APIs as possible business related. And of course, A.I. is part of them.

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How A.I. could help your businesss

What kind of applications for business?

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Speech To Text

Translating all your calls in writing. No need to take notes anymore.

This brings a tremendous gain of time for all your employees in contact with clients and providers.

Facial recognition

Improving drastically the safety of your users' accounts.

Allow the to accelerate the process of login on top of that.


Let A.I. sort out all the data for you and learn from it and generate custom made reportings depending on what you need to run your business properly.

And So much more.
David (+41 79 850 50 38)