Why we do it?

Our goal is to help businesses drive productivity and reduce costs. 100% cost transparency: no hidden fees or licensing charges. All our projects are delivered on schedule and within agreed budget.

Odoo ERP

One of the most open source ERP downloaded in the world. We have 10+ years of experience customising it for any type of business.

Data Visualisation

Make every data count. Let's share about your vision, strategy and goals. We will build THE dashboard that suits your need to reach them.


If your business operates in trading and specifically in mutual funds or other funds, you know what this API is about. Call us if you need help.


Whatever your project is. Whatever the new technology needed. We are the ones fully committed to show you how amazing your project could be.

C.I.O. as a service

The role of a Chief Information Officer is central in a business environment. You may not need a CIO full time. This is why we can fill the role depending on your needs.


We have worked on many complex and 100% tailored made project. We can work on yours.

Vision - Strategy - Goals

What we do has no importance. What we can help you achieve, this is what drives us. Tell us about the challenges that your business is facing.
Let's discover how we could help you.

Team That Leads

With 20+ years in IT for business and a strong business acumen, David has served as a CIO and a member of the board of executives before co-founding JMDN Solutions.

- David Drapeau
Co-founder & Managing Director
+41 79 850 50 38

With an unfailing commitment to deliver the excellence, on time and within the agreed budget, Benji is the most reliable person you would have the opportunity to work with.

- Benjamin Lechalupé
Co-founder & IT Director
+41 78 846 43 30

Marie is the last arrived within our team. From the first day, she showed us that she was fully involved in providing the highest quality of relationship with our clients.

- Marie Villard
Account Manager
+41 79 704 82 96