Customizing Odoo since 2009, we have gained during all these years a strong knowledge with many versions - from Openerp (former name) 5.0 to Odoo current versions.

We have worked for many industries:
- show business
- insurance, trust and finance
- advertising business
- manufacturing in watchmaking
- services in many areas

We have customized many addons:
- Human Resources
- manufacturing and inventory
- timesheets chained with invoicing system
- project management: development of Scrum methodologie
- accounting and finance

We do not introduce Odoo anymore. One of the most used ERP system around the world, it comes with pros and cons.

open source and with many addons (apps)
no licence costs with the Community version
fully customisable, which compensate the first con ;)
never fits 100% to your needs
tries to do everything and always in the good way

Let's keep using Odoo as it has been originaly created; It was called OpenERP for a good reason. Odoo is one of the best in this category to collect data and display them in the business logical way
Then, you can use other perfect tools for other purposes.